Here at Bixby Gynecology + Female Urology, we pride our self in using the latest technology and products to help your body work for you naturally, by rejuvenating your collagen using minimally invasive procedures and the introduction of stem cells for various cell line regeneration.

The results is always a younger YOU and not surgically altered features where you can always tell.

We offer many services from laser hair removal and mini face lifts to vaginal tightening and reconstruction, and laser liposuction. We also have a fully operational Ob/GYN clinic and perform minimally-invasive female surgeries in Long Beach.

Our doctors did years of research at the Minimally Invasive Surgery Division at USC and Female Pelvic Surgeries at UCLA, which translates into completing most surgical interventions with techniques that allow patients to go home the same day with minimal or no scarring at all.

They have worked on stem cell research and regenerative medicine to incorporate new concepts of regeneration and renewal of tissues with the traditional medicine. We are dedicated to making our patients feel and look great with no pain of major surgery. Most procedures improve your body cell capability to regenerate and build younger tissues, with most of the treatments still working months afterwards. For more permanent and augmented results we offer monthly memberships where you can perfect and maintain results indefinitely.


Dr. Anna Gevorgyan is a gynecologist in the Long Beach, CA, area, helping women get the treatment and care they need for a wide range of issues, from simple exams to complex treatments aimed at providing each patient with the optimal health she deserves.

Dr. Gevorgyan uses the most advanced techniques combined with state-of-the-art technology to ensure every patient receives individualized care, and her compassionate and caring approach has led her to become recognized as a favorite among women of all ages in and around Long Beach. She works hard to develop care plans that help women feel their best, both inside and out.

After earning her medical degree and residency in general surgery, Dr. Gevorgyan completed an additional residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago. In addition, she has completed extensive research in minimally invasive surgery at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. Many of the procedures she offers can be completed using minimally invasive same-day surgical techniques for faster healing and minimal (or no) scarring.

Dr. Gevorgyan is passionate about providing the best care and continuing her education, exploring novel yet safe techniques including stem cell procedures so her patients can enjoy a full array of treatment options geared toward improving their health and well-being. She has also completed extensive training and education in cosmetic surgery, cosmetic gynecology and robot-assisted surgery to help patients feel more self-confident about their appearance and to treat pelvic floor disorders and side effects like urinary incontinence. Her integrative approach to care means she can create truly customized, one-of-a-kind treatment plans for each patient’s unique needs and goals.

When she isn’t treating patients, learning new techniques or participating in research studies, Dr. Gevorgyan enjoys staying physically active, traveling, reading about history, and attending live performances of theater and opera. Originally from Armenia, Dr. Gevorgyan speaks English, French, Spanish, Russian and Armenian.